Hi Viewers, Some Newbies of Ubuntu will feel some discomfort in using Launcher left aligned. Latest Ubuntu versions supports changing of Launcher. Yes!, you can move to bottom of the desktop as like windows OS. There is no tricky or multiple steps. Just execute below command in Terminal [to open […]

Customize Launcher in Ubuntu Linux

You will not find the Jdeveloper higher version in control panel. To uninstall , you have follow below steps. Go to the following location in your JDEV_HOME: On your Windows system: JDEV_HOME\oui\bin\ On your Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X systems: JDEV_HOME/oui/bin/ Start the deinstaller by running the following command: […]

Uninstalling Jdev 12.x versions

Change wordpress password in MySQL Yes!! we can change password of worpress login directly on MySQL. Login to control panel and launch PHPMyAdmin. Go to SQL or MySQL section in your PHPMyAdmin. Now, enter the below given query: UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass`= MD5('mypasswd') WHERE `user_login`='myuser'; Note: table name is given […]

Change wordpress password in MySQL

Importing Certificate into cacerts of JRE will solve PKIX path building failed issue. This can be done using Keytool in java. Below steps needs to be done for importing untrusted or new trust certificate into java. Export the certificate from browser and save in some path. E.g. vtm.cer. […]

Importing Certificate into cacerts of JRE